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10.13 High Sierra – MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2012 Stops On Startup, SSD Corrupted?

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Good morning all !

I ask for your help after a problem with my MacBook. In fact, while I was using it, it froze for no reason and the fan started blowing hard afterwards. So I waited, then I ended up forcing it to restart. The problem, however, is that it got stuck in the start apple, with the loading bar stopping advancing before the end.

So I understood that maybe there was a problem with my SSD (original). I have tried recovery mode, but once I get to the disk utility, I cannot format my SSD, an error occurs a few seconds after checking that I want to format it. The same is true if you try to split it, or try to run SOS to analyze it. You should also know that I have partitioned my SSD with Boot Camp.


Intriguingly, with an external hard drive I installed Mac OS Mojave on to enable my Mac to run on it, I could see Boot Camp in the hard drives as a device and access the files and documents inside (but impossible to start with Boot Camp on the other hand) ). I also can’t format, partition, or scan Boot Camp partition with Disk Utility, error happens all the time.

This MacBook works on Mac OS High Sierra if I’m not mistaken, and the DDE I’m running on it right now is in Mojave.

Can you help me? Do you think my internal SSD can be permanently HS despite the fact that I can still access my data on my Boot Camp partition? I would like to point out that if possible, I at least wish I could recover the data on the Mac partition, but my priority remains to be able to fix this SSD, even if that means wiping everything out.
Thank you in advance, hope you can help me!

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Edit: Sorry, I might have posted to the “Hardware Problem” part instead of the software …

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