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1st International Travel Festival

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To delight the travel enthusiasts of this place, Les Aventuriers Voyageurs innovates with the launch of the first edition of the International Travel Festival that will be held online from 5-11 February 2022. This first edition will take place simultaneously in Quebec, in France, Belgium and Switzerland thanks to a partnership with the company French ABM that will push the festival on the old continent.

This inaugural edition of the International Travel Festival kicks off on Saturday February 5th at 1pm, with a deeply inspiring conference live from Belgium by Delphine Casimir who will tell the story of a journey from Quebec to Alaska. To discover the people who have chosen to pursue their dreams and “live differently” in search of a better life. After that, participants will be able to watch four adventure travel films selected and produced by travelers from France, Switzerland and Canada for a week.

These adventure films will take you from one end of the planet to the other with wonderful tales. To start, follow Pascal Barchi, this Swiss who suggests you follow his six-year cycling adventure around the world over 100,000 km, and nothing less. Then discover what you have to watch in Peru with good humor, then let yourself be fascinated by this 300 km race to Everest with the famous Dawa Sherpa. To round out the festival, a movie Once Upon a Time in the East will take you on a road trip along the Silk Roads to meet the locals of Central Asia and its wonderful landscapes.

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Each movie includes a video presentation for travelers that explains the context of the trip and answers the most frequently asked questions. Additionally, you can take an optional 4-hour course to learn how to make your first travel movie.

To participate in the festival, the first 500 people will be able to pre-purchase their ticket at a cost of $15 (instead of $20) on the Aventuriers Voyageurs website:

Source: The Traveling Adventurers

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