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Foda: Anxiety about romantic encounters

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Oh no! It was not! With the easing of sanitary measures, we expected the Great Twenties to return. Instead, the opposite happened.

to me We’ll tell each otherSebastian Diaz, Kim Levesque-Lizotte, Lima Aburaga Gerald, Maker Guerrier, Paul Jornet and Regis Labom spoke about their romantic encounters.

Fear of confrontations

According to a survey conducted on the dating app Hinge, 50% of people who responded said they were worried about starting dating again. We are talking here about Voda (Fear of dating again), meaning the fear of new romantic encounters.

Kim Lévesque-Lizotte attempts to posit a hypothesis:

There was a condition that you be alone, that you do not touch other people, that you do not be near, that you do not mingle, that you do not dance together.

Kim Levsk Lizote
Kim Lévesque-Lizotte Photo: Media Pamplemousse

The screenwriter, who has lived in Toronto for two years, says north winds are not uncommon there. She adds that it took a while to get her back into her habits when she returned to Quebec.

Journalist Laima Aboraja Gerald sees in this anecdote the fact that social codes can change rapidly.

to surveyWe’ll tell each other He showed on Instagram that only 28% of the audience started kissing again.

Less reckless, but more agreeing

A woman with long brown hair.
Laima Aburaja Gerald on the horrific plateau of On Pha Sei Photo: Pamplemous Media

For Laima Aburaja Gerald, the loss of recklessness, embodied in the Law of Voda, has not only negative aspects.

What the pandemic has forced us to do is define our limits: “I am vaccinated, you are not comfortable because we meet.” or “Do you see a lot of people? I don’t see a lot of it.” So we hope that these discussions, which are entirely based on consent, will continue, which is actually a positive thing.

Lima Aburaja Gerald

Watch the column:

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