From now on, no credit card payment at William Hill


In most countries in Europe, gambling is currently a much-discussed topic. Especially the protection of problem gamblers from gambling addiction and the fight against the black gambling market. More and more illegal slot machines and casinos are rising, which completely neglect player protection. For this reason, the authorities and governments of most countries are working on sound and balanced gambling regulation. Especially as far as online gambling is concerned, credit card payments are considered a big problem. The Irish want to find a quick solution to this. Remember that you can safely play at yoju casino.

We presented the results of a study conducted in Canada on gambling addiction among the population. The results are precise and show that men are five times more likely to suffer from gambling addiction than women. Especially young men between the ages of 25 and 34. The use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco are considered serious factors while living in socially disadvantaged areas also encourages such behaviour. It is precisely these people who need help and should not get into debt.

LAST AUGUST, the IBA called on its members to abandon these payments as a payment option. After sports betting providers such as Bet365, Entain, Betway, and Flutter Entertainment complied, William Hill followed suit. Credit card payment is considered the easiest way for a problem gambler to get himself into high debt. However, this is only a request by the IBA and not a ban on credit card payments.

Credit card payment is indirectly possible nevertheless

Nevertheless, credit card payments for online gambling cannot be completely ruled out. Most online casinos offer amounts through e-wallets, where a credit card can be deposited without any problems. Ultimately, the gambler uses Google Pay, Apple Pay or Revolut as a deposit method at the online casinos, through which the money has eventually been deducted from the credit card.

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Moreover, the whole thing will undoubtedly lure some gamblers to illegal online casinos where they can pay directly with their credit card themselves. Nevertheless, it is still legally permitted to pay for gambling services with a credit card. For this reason, all politicians and player protectors in Canada insist on a new edition of the gambling laws. There, the payment method by credit card should be abolished in any case to prevent possible mental gambling disorders. In this regard, Great Britain is considered a role model and pioneer, as credit card payments for gambling have already been banned there since April 2020.

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