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In New York City, protesters congregate at City Hall after de Blasio closed public schools, but not private schools

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New York City Protesters began gathering Thursday outside City Hall in Manhattan to demonstrate against the mayor Bill de Blasio To shut down the country’s largest public school system due to the surge Corona Virus Infection, even as Catholic schools and other elites in the city are allowed to remain open Personalized instructions.

More than a million children enrolled in New York City public schools stopped in-person education Thursday and switched to online classes until at least Thanksgiving, de Blasio announced for the first time on Wednesday.

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But the New York City Department of Education will continue to operate buses for children who go to non-public or private schools. According to the Office of Student Transportation (OPT), buses will continue to be provided to non-government schools until further notice.

“Suddenly the Flag Party decided not to follow the flag,” New York City Councilor Joseph Borrelli told Fox News. “The damage this does to children will not be repairable.”

He continued: “All this is a complete reversal of politics,” referring to the amazing hypocrisy. “It looks like we can have mask mandates for every purpose under the sun, except now for schools and education for children who need it is superfluous.”

Protesters gathered outside City Hall in Manhattan after New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio shut down personal education in public schools.

The Archdiocese of New York, which represents more than 60,000 students, has said that Catholic schools, which reopened in September, will continue to follow the state’s health guidelines and hold in-person classes for the foreseeable future. Closure will be determined on the basis of need, each school separately, WCBS-TV mentioned.

In elite private schools, where annual tuition fees can amount to more than $ 55,000 per student, personalized education will continue. Officials have implemented independent weekly testing programs and mitigation measures that are regularly evaluated by employees, according to Bloomberg.

“People with low incomes are more likely to take time off work to school at home for their children if public schools close because they cannot afford the exorbitant childcare costs,” said Ken Mahoney, founder of Wall Street-based Mahoney Asset Management. Fox News. As a result, it will widen the income gap in New York further and increase the need for more fiscal stimulus.

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He also indicated that children had a lower infection rate and a higher cure rate.

Mahoney continued: “Teachers’ unions are stuck between a rock and a hard place because they do not want to risk the health of their members, especially since many have a high risk of contracting the virus with a low cure rate.” “ However, by closing schools in the foreseeable future, it means deploying additional technology and introducing students to distance learning, eliminating the need for teaching assistants and many union workers.

“There is simply no science here to support school closures at the moment – that’s the problem,” stressed Nadia Atual, a Manhattan PR business owner and single mother and mother of two children aged 8 to 4.

“Schools in themselves are not super ubiquitous, this is just a fact. The major American media hailed Germany as a role model, with its population of 80 million and only 10,000 deaths. Even during the so-called light of the current closure there, schools remain open and the government is everywhere.” A city simply shuts down a certain school for a few weeks when there is a COVID case. ”

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Independent schools open their doors Thursday, including Browning, Nightingale-Bamford, Collegiate, Spence and Trinity. Allen-Stevenson, Chapin, and Columbia Grammar & Preparatory said they will continue to welcome students into classes until at least Thanksgiving.

Horace Mann said in the Bronx on Wednesday that he will delay in-person tutoring until at least January 19 after a student tested positive for COVID-19.

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