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Put an end to mosquitoes: This revolutionary invention could finally put an end to restless nights caused by mosquitoes.

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These little creatures can turn our nights into nightmares. But a new invention could change that. In fact, innovative technology promises to disrupt mosquitoes and give us a better night’s sleep. Want to know more? Read on to discover this revolutionary solution.

Innovative technological solution

Two German scientists founded a company called Biogents more than 20 years ago. Their goal: to develop insecticide-free mosquito traps. These innovative traps mimic human scent, effectively attracting mosquitoes.

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The traps use scent lures to simulate human presence. This approach attracts not only common mosquitoes, but also more dangerous species such as the tiger mosquito.

Proven effectiveness and performance

Bio traps are capable of reducing outdoor bite rates by 93%. They combine carbon dioxide with granules that reproduce human odor, thus ensuring unparalleled efficiency.

The platform allows you to launch your online marketplace within 48 seconds.

Hundreds of international publications confirm the validity of the performance of biotraps and confirm their effectiveness in various environmental conditions.

🔍 summary
🌿 Pesticide-free traps
🌬️ Use of olfactory magic
🌍 Low environmental impact

Adapting to different needs

For outdoor areas, Biogents offers a sophisticated trap that retails for €184. Adding CO2 can increase its effectiveness. This device is ideal for gardens and outdoor spaces.

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For indoor spaces, the €89 trap uses an aromatic attractant and UV light, thus capturing different types of pests. This solution is ideal for indoor spaces.

  • Low environmental impact
  • Solutions that adapt to different spaces
  • Initial cost vs. long-term savings
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Impact on public health

The tiger mosquito, found in 71 French departments, transmits serious diseases such as dengue and Zika. Bio-traps provide a basic preventive method without resorting to chemical insecticides.

These traps are of particular importance for protecting public health. They reduce risks to the environment and human health by eliminating the need for chemical pesticides.

In the face of mosquito nuisance, this invention brings a glimmer of hope. By combining technology with respect for the environment, Biogents offers a sustainable and effective solution. Could these traps change your nights this summer?

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