Snapchat: The controversial filter has finally been removed from the platform

After being accused of encouraging dangerous behavior while driving, social network Snapchat has finally decided to remove the “speed filter” from its app.

This augmented reality filter was launched in 2013, allowing motorists to share their speed in real time. A feature that has led some teens and young adults to commit transgressions and then proudly share their “record” in their story.

In the face of controversy and lawsuits caused by this feature, the platform initially limited the top speed to 56 km/h, and added a warning message: “Do not snap and drive.”

The company has also turned this controversial filter into a simple “sticker”. However, these modifications proved insufficient to stop this phenomenon.

Many sad accidents

Several incidents involving this feature continued to be reported, leading the social network to permanently drop this filter.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our Snapchat community,” a Snapchat spokesperson said. (…) Snapchat users today rarely use the sticker, which is why we have decided to remove it completely.”

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