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Starliner Capsule Problems | Two Optimistic Astronauts

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Sonny Williams and Butch Wilmore were scheduled to return to Earth in mid-June. They are stuck on the International Space Station (ISS) due to technical problems with the capsule. Starliner From Boeing. But they are confident of it. Starliner We will not let them down.

“I feel in my heart that the spaceship will bring us back home,” said M.I Williams spoke Wednesday morning at a news conference from 250 miles (408 kilometers) above sea level.

Prior to departure, a helium leak was detected, delaying the launch. In orbit, further helium leaks were detected. Helium is used to compress the fuel. Additionally, 5 of the 28 rockets exhibited abnormal behavior once the capsule reached orbit.

Mr. Wilmore stated that Starliner It is one of the best aircraft he has flown in his career as a test pilot.

“After the launch we tested our operational capabilities. [en orbite] The spacecraft performed very well. We have a measure of maneuverability called the Cooper-Harper, where 1 is the highest rating and 10 is the worst. I never gave a 1 in my career as a test pilot. But I was tempted to do it. [pour Starliner] The spacecraft was very accurate in various tests.

Photo by Steve Nesius – Reuters

Starliner liftoff, June 5, 2024

Many of the questions asked by journalists were variations on the same theme: Are they confident they will be able to return to Earth alive? Starliner Yes, the astronauts repeated.

But they acknowledged that tests currently underway at a New Mexico lab to verify the missiles’ behavior could be a game changer. “We are prepared to go back unless the data is [des tests] “Show the opposite,” said Mr. Wilmore.

MI Williams wouldn’t speculate on what kind of results from the New Mexico test would be worrisome. “We want to make sure that we can use rockets to get out of orbit, no matter how powerful they are.”

At the end of June, NASA announced that if necessary, Starliner It could remain docked to the International Space Station until September. Testing must be done before return because the rockets are housed in a “service module” that will disintegrate in the atmosphere upon re-entry.

MI Williams even said she feels “at home” on the ISS, which she is visiting for the third time. “I feel good when I’m floating” on the ISS.

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