The horse is the champion of social intelligence

The House of Science is like a collection of stories. Beautiful tales told to live in all their freshness. But also in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the treasures of the world. In this new episode, let’s take a look at one of those closest to us: the horse.

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It may be a horse “Ashraf Conquests” humanity. For thousands of years, it has evolved with us. He lends us his strength where we need it. In the fields to pull agricultural equipment. And on the roads, it takes us away. In the Middle Ages, he was the faithful horse that gallops. Today, he participates in pet therapy sessions that help us get some function back. physical – physical extinct. Or to restore lost trust. By relying on certain skills he may have developed in communicating with people. Social skills that will be of particular interest to us today.

Because being smart doesn’t just mean knowing how to calculate or understand theories of physics. Knowing how to use a tool or implement strategies. Being smart also means knowing how to read other people’s feelings and understand their intentions. Regarding the Persians, the first thing to note is that they live in a group. Some horses form family groups. The famous “harem” in which we find the stallion, his mares and young horses. Unmarried males also live in groups. While they wait to be able to form their own harem.

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Within these groups, horses know how to form complex social relationships. Relationships are on many levels. A bit like our families gather into communities, and then into cities and countries, for example. While maintaining a certain independence. the groups of horses Thus they can be brought together to form flocks in which the groups still retain their unity. Thus, larger harems occupy a central place while groups of individual horses are limited to the periphery.

Feel and share emotions

but that is not all. The horse is also capable of feeling emotions. It can be read on the face. Behaviorists teach us that a developed upper lip can, for example, express very positive emotions. One Eye wide open and detailed between years Tooth extraction and throwing out can indicate discomfort.

The horse also knows how to share feelings. This is what scientists call emotional infection. And they noticed it in the horses that they offered … watching movies. The first show shows a trainer cleaning a horse. The second introduces a vet in bestowing unpleasant care on another horse. It was not only the horses that were shown that were fascinated by these cinema sessions. But they also haveair To share the feelings of horses on the screen. Pleasures and a calm heartbeat appear from the first movie. and signs Stress The heart rate is accelerated against the second. Evidence of what researchers consider an advanced acting ability of this animal that appears to know very well how to interpret what is happening…on screen. Also good evidence of the horse’s marked sensitivity to the feelings of these congeners.

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Put yourself in the person’s shoes

Our human feelings too. Address the horse angrily and he will respond spontaneously with negative feelings. Most surprisingly, he addressed him in a playful tone while adopting a facial expression that betrayed anger and would leave him in awe at the inconsistency of the situation. It suffices to show that the horse has a very accurate representation of our human emotions.

In other experiments, researchers have also shown that a horse can recognize our faces. Distinguish them from strangers in simple pictures. It even contains a file good memory of those faces. Since he was still able to recognize the people he had met over six months ago.

But then, can a horse prove that it can take a person’s point of view? Very complex ability. It has long been reserved for humans – more than four years. Maybe a few great apes. Even the dog. But researchers now believe the horse is capable of that, too.

Put a horse in eye contact with two people. Let’s call them Juliet and Mary. A third person, Jane, hides the food in a bucket, then closes it with a lid. All in full view of the horse and Juliet. But in hiding from Mary. Well, imagine that the horse, which realizes that it cannot open the bucket by itself, goes automatically asking for help – It’s already a sign ofintelligence – For… Juliet. Not for Marie. then ? Not that stupid, horse!

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