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2 million year old family tree

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While the tree asserts that it all began in Northeast Africa, it also underlines in its own way the complexity of movement across the African continent over a period of two million years – many discoveries revealed. modern bones. It also tends to assert that the first humans to reach New Guinea and the American continent did so thousands of years before what the oldest archaeological remains so far revealed.

Geneticists, bioinformatics scientists, and anthropologists who published Full February 25 in the magazine to knowWrite in the essence that There is still a lot of work to do To end with a fuller tree, no matter how detailed this tree may seem. Genomic data collected from prehistoric humans is often incomplete and collected using different methods from place to place. But the integration of these databases and the extrapolation of known mutations in such and such a region of the world illustrates in the eyes of these researchers the importance that Genetic Genealogy has taken to investigate human history and evolution.

Their study is based on 3,609 ancient genomes Described as “complete – all have been deciphered in the past 20 years as technology has improved – and 3,589 incomplete DNA fragments. follower, Select the researchers 6412717 variants – that is, differences in genetic sequences that allow us to say that one group is related to another, and when they separate. Variants older than 72,000 years were more prevalent in northeastern Africa, and the 100 oldest variants all came from this region.

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