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WWE RAW results for February 28, 2022

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WWE RAW Columbus, Ohio

Commentators are Jimmy Smith, Corey Greaves and Byron Saxton.

– Tonight is WWE RAW, the red show begins with Kevin Owens arriving in the ring at KO Show. Owens introduces his WrestleMania partner, Seth Rollins. We’re having a great night on the way, says Owens, but it’s time to welcome us to the Kevin Owens Show. He must admit it has been a tough year between the two of them. Neither of them managed to secure a place for WrestleMania 38. Not well, the two biggest stars not in WM, it’s a tragedy. Rollins says they were robbed at WrestleMania Adventure. But WM God is giving them one last card to play in the RAW Tag Team titles. They can capture RAW titles and go to Dallas to create moments.

Owens says he loves the idea. People say his distaste for Texas might distract him, but nothing will distract him from becoming the tag team champions. They will then go to WM to defend the titles because they are the best. Nothing will distract her. Not even JBL from Texas or a silly cowboy hat. Rollins says he understands Owens doesn’t like Texas, but tonight they’re in Ohio and they have a show to make. Here are the Alpha Academy guests. Chad Gable and Otis arrive at the ring for the talk show. Gable says this is his first time on the show, so he has to start with a thank you. Rollins asks why is he talking this way. Owens says Gable looks weird and says thank you. Gabel reiterates his thanks to you. It’s different, Gabel says, he takes it as a compliment.

Gable says he hears a lot of assumptions about tag team titles. But the heroes of RAW are Alpha Academy. Owens says they know Alpha Academy are the champions until next Monday, because next Monday they will come out with the titles. Rollins says they need WM and WM needs them. The problem, says Gable, is that Owens and Rollins interfered with the game. Because of this, their chance of winning is down to 33% and not 50%, it’s ridiculous. Owens says he doesn’t like numbers. Alpha Academy just needs to know not to take it personal, it’s work taking titles to go to WM. Gabel says they will do anything to get their place. Both won titles in WM, and Rollins even made the main event. While it was never on the WrestleMania card! Rollins says he understands, after beating Alpha Academy, the two will be able to take on each other for titles at WM. It’s a beat mode. The camel calls for silence. Owens argues with Gable about silence and stuns him!

– Back after the first half, the match started.

Tag Team Match – Untitled

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins vs Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis)

At the end of the fight, Owens rolls over Gable, but he resists. Owens wants to follow up with Stunner, but Gable hits him with a German suplex. Gable reaches the corner for Moonsault, but Owens eludes him. Rollins takes the tag and surprises Gable with a Powerbomb cannon in the corner. Owens continues with Rollins’ Stunner and Stomp for the count to three.

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Winners: Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins

– Behind the scenes, Kevin Patrick asks Omos for his pre-match comments. Omos says that since his debut at WrestleMania last year, he’s dominated. Dominate Dirty Dawgs, New Day or AJ Styles. And tonight he will face and dominate the tallest man in WWE, T-Bar.

The return of the wrestlers.

Singles match

Omos vs T-Bar

Omos hits the T-Bar as he enters and the match begins. Omos gives him a clothesline and makes a double choke for the hand to count to three.

Winner: Omos

– We made a video of the rivalry between Becky and Biller last Monday.

Behind the scenes, we find Nikki Ash and Doddrop. Nikki says Ripley thinks she’s a superhero, but she’s the only hero. Doddrop says she will enjoy being the villain tonight. Becky Lynch enters and says the only important thing tonight is to win. Win against Bianca Belair in 26secs at SummerSlam or when she remains the WrestleMania Champion.

Backstage, Liv Morgan told Rhea Ripley that tonight isn’t going to be an easy game. This will be their strategy. Ripley votes for brutality. Bianca Belair arrives and says she wants to take care of Becky when she is in the ring. So it’s time to show what they can do.

Six-team match

Becky Lynch, Nikki Ash and Doddrop vs. Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan

At the end of the fight, Belair Spinebusters Nikki covers her, but Becky pulls her hair to stop the count. Beller starts hitting Becky with her hair to get her out of the ring. Belair hits Nikki and her KODs for the count of three.

Winners: Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan

– We showed a video of Ziggler’s victory over Ciampa last Tuesday on NXT.

Returning, Ciampa comes to the ring with a new song and promises revenge on Roode for his actions in NXT.

Singles match

Robert Rod With Dolph Ziggler against Tommaso Ciampa

At the end of the fight, Ziggler climbed onto the battlefield, but Ciampa kneeled. Roode wants to take advantage, but Ciampa pushes him away and pushes him for a count of three.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

– After the fight, Roode hits Ciampa in the back. Ziggler enters the ring and Superkicks Ciampa. Ziggler takes the microphone and says Ciampa was lucky tonight, but tomorrow at NXT Ciampa he will face the two-time Tag Team Champions.

The return of the wrestlers.

Mixed tag team match

Dana Brooke and Reggie vs Tamina and Akira Tozawa

At the end of the fight, Reggie makes a sunset reflection on Tozawa for three times.

Winners: Dana Brooke and Reggie

– After the fight, Brock decides to kiss Reggie to celebrate the victory! Tamina seems to be jealous of their love and decides to kiss Tozawa.

Backstage, Kevin Patrick is asking Street Profits for their comments tonight. Montez Ford says they are former champions. Tonight’s win over RK-Bro could put them in line for the championship title. Angelo Dawkins says they all need to save the Alpha Academy tag team section. No matter who the tag team champions are, they’ll be available to take on at WrestleMania.

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Returning, commentators confirm that Mysterios will face Miz and Logan Paul at WrestleMania. Rey Mysterio takes the microphone. Ray says they accepted The Miz’s challenge at WrestleMania. But the Miz still had to attack them despite getting what he wanted. At WrestleMania, the Miz and Hollywood idiot ended up being hit. Dominic says they will stay focused tonight in their game against Hurt Business. He enters The Miz and says he is no idiot in Hollywood. Miz says he’s the biggest talk show host with MizTV. He married Maryse, the most beautiful woman in WWE. The Intercontinental title became the most famous with him. Defeated John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. He is the only two-time WWE Grand Slam Champion. And his big moment with Logan Paul. Two A-level players will advance and potentially become team champions. Logan Paul is a man more than anyone else here. Logan Paul is the greatest fighter in the world. With his help, Logan Paul would become WWE’s biggest superstar. We watched the two do the Skull Crushing Finale and heard some fans celebrate. He finally thinks he’s getting the respect he deserves. Miz says we want to see Mysterios in the ring, but we don’t want to see them as heroes and put up with the same old story. He and Logan are older, they’re both adorable.

tag team match

Rey and Dominic Mysterio vs Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin

At the end of the fight, Dominic pushed Benjamin again to the second rope and went for 619, but Benjamin left the ring. Domink leaves the ring, pushes it against the pole and then returns it to the ring. The Miz seizes the opportunity to drag Dominic to the ground and flee into the crowd when Rey pursues him. Benjamin takes the opportunity to do Roll Up to Dominik for Three.

Winners: Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin

– Behind the scenes, Riddle with Randy Orton. Riddle draws in his sketchbook. Riddle says he’s doing this to stay focused. Orton says everything seems fine after his move. Now they’re going to get into the ring kicking ass and next week they’re going to win titles. Riddle says they will do so with RKO.

Backstage, we find Carmella and Zelina Vega. Vega says Sasha Banks and Naomi’s WrestleMania have been accepted. Carmella says that she and her fiancĂ© are going to put in a big show after winning WrestleMania.

tag team match

RK bro (Randy Orton & Riddell) For street profits (Mount Ford and Angelo Dawkins)

At the end of the fight, Orton makes his second DDT rope to Ford. Dawkins wants to intervene, but Riddle pulls him out of the ring. Orton goes to RKO on Ford, but Ford stops him and Drop Kicks land on him. Ford has reached out to Frog Splash. Ford covers it, Orton wants to put his foot on the cable, but Dawkins kicks the foot away and the count of three is complete.

Winners: Street Profits

Behind the scenes, we find Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins with Kevin Patrick. Rollins says they are on their way to success. They will win RAW titles and can take on The Usos for titles against titles. The best thing, Owens says, is to leave the pit in Dallas.

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Back, we bring a video of Veer Mahaan which will soon be on RAW.

– behind the scenes, We find the theory of Austin and Vince McMahon. Austin’s theory is that it would be great if Vince went to the Pat McAfee show. Ex-NFL Player, Man With Biggest Podcast Deal. It’s been 20 years since Vince gave an interview and the last time he broke everything. What would happen if Pat McAfee frustrated Vince and wanted to try to take out the villain? The theory says that he will be there to protect him if necessary. Vince says it’s not that kind of show.

US Championship – Singles Match

Finn Balor vs. Damien Priest (c)

At the end of the fight, the priest strangles Balor and covers him, but he resists. The priest prepares to attack him, but Balor pushes him away and drops him in a corner. Balor continues his work at Coup de Grace for the count of three.

Winner: Finn Balor – New Champion

– After the fight, the priest takes the microphone. Priest says let’s face it, fans stunned Balor to win the title. Did he hear all that respect and motivation? He never fully took his reign despite his success. The pastor says he will win the US title and that love and admiration mean nothing. Balor approaches the priest to confront him, but the priest punches him! The priest brings Balor down the ring and the cross poundes him on the commentary table.

We submitted a video of Edge’s speech last Monday in search of a WrestleMania opponent.

edge up to the ring. Backwards, Edge says he’s been waiting for this moment. Someone who stands up and takes his place in history to agree to face him in a match at WrestleMania. His WrestleMania adventure will be clear tonight. Do we want to see it? So someone please, it’s time now! Edge is waiting, no one is coming. Edge asks if this is a joke. Music by AJ Styles Start. The two look at each other in the ring and AJ says he accepts! Edge says he’s happy, he’s wanted the match for so long, and AJ wanted it too and so did the fans. Edge says he wants AJ Styles’ bulldog, not AJ, who has been playing Omos’ team dog for a year. Edge wants to shake AJ’s hand, but AJ seems to refuse. Edge punches AJ in the face! AJ pushes the edge away and kicks him. AJ wants to do his massive forearm, but Edge avoids it and gives him a low blow. Edge punches AJ in the face while he’s on the floor.

Edge decides to go get two chairs. He put a chair under AJ’s head and Edge hesitated. He finally decided to hit AJ in the head with the chair! The offer ends like this.

Image credit: WWE

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