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7 unusual news for this year in ESTRI

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What better way to start this list of this year’s unusual news than with this moose that surprised the citizens of Boulevard de Portland, in Sherbrooke, by taking a dip in the indoor pool. Apparently lost, the animal was rescued by wildlife officers, who had to temporarily sedate it to get it out of its awkward position.

While conducting a road safety operation around Saint-Etienne-de-Boulton, Sûreté du Québec police officers intercepted a motorist who was driving his truck while he was playing his guitar. This unusual offense earned him a $1,550 fine and four offense points.

Sûreté du Québec intercepted a motorist who was playing the guitar while driving (archive).

Photo: Sûreté du Québec / Olivier Leclerc

In the wake of the challenges of this year’s county curfew, a Sherbrooke couple chose an unusual way to express their disagreement with the measure. We have two people who said to walk their dog, however it turns out that one of the two spouses was a leash trader, so we gave each person a statement of abuse., then told the Sherbrooke Police Service’s public relations officer, Isabel Gendron.

The King Street West coast is deserted.

In January, calm prevailed in Sherbrooke at the same time that a curfew came into effect.

Photo: Radio Canada / Laurent Ulrich

In November, ICI Estrie met Olivier, an electronics enthusiast who started his small appliance repair business. In his bedroom, which he converted into a workshop, he repairs toasters, lamps, etc.

In April, firefighters rescued a black cat after it was spotted by citizens at the foot of a hydroelectric dam. Hydro-Sherbrooke teams found the task too risky for them, so they called the city’s firefighters, who brilliantly carried out the rescue, thanks to abseiling. The young animal was later cared for by the Société de Protection des Animaux de l’Estrie.

A team of firefighters prepares to set off.

The firefighters had an extraordinary rescue operation. (Archives)

Photo: Courtesy of SPA de l’Estrie

The grandchildren of George Foote Foss, who designed one of the nation’s first gasoline-powered cars in a workshop in Sherbrooke, took on the challenge of recreating the car in question. The Voss family believes they can design a machine that matches the original car, incorporating parts from that era. The car was manufactured more than a century ago, and the car reached a speed of 24 km / h, which was an amazing speed for that time.

File photo of George Foot Foss driving his Fossmobile.

George Foot Foss driving his Fossmobile. (Archives)

Photo: Private Archives

Wine bottles, new cars, toilet paper, many items were in short supply this year. Among the group, Rice Krispies cereal was definitely the most unusual deficiencies. A strike that began in early October at many of the Kellogg factories has left many Quebecers out of their traditional Rice Krispies yards for the holiday season.

Rice Krispies Squares

Those who hoped to eat a slice of marshmallow made from the famous grain had to be patient.

Photo: Kellogg’s

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