A Quebec soldier who taught young men how to shoot in secret is a soldier

The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed that they were “analyzing” the file of one of its soldiers, who invited young men without permission and in secret to handle his firearms at a shooting club in Istria.

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“The member’s chain of command has been notified. We are gathering information and analyzing the situation,” Zahida Asari, of the Canadian Armed Forces, briefly mentioned in an email.

Newspaper It was revealed last week that a “former soldier”, as he presented himself in his Snapchat ads, has been expelled for life from a shooting club in Estree.

The man who calls himself “Yasin Yassin” on social media, secretly invited young people to carry his firearms for $160. The Sandhill Shooting Club, in Cookshire-Eaton, was unaware of the small business this member runs at their location. The club immediately expelled the individual for life upon hearing the news.

internal scandal

According to new information confirmed by the Canadian Armed Forces, Yassine Yassine is already a part-time member of the Régiment les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke.

“It is possible that an administrative investigation will be launched, and depending on the outcome of the investigation, the member may face administrative actions that may lead to release [ou non] The member,” says Zahida Al-Asari.

A colleague of the soldier, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal from his employer, confirmed that what was revealed about Yassine Yassine caused a major scandal in the army in Quebec.

“We saw the article and said ‘Oh my God.'” All our chiefs met urgently in the offices in Sherbrooke and Saint-Hubert. It’s not bad at the moment. It’s a shame because it makes the military again look bad,” said the man.

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Snapchat account disappeared

Newspaper He contacted the soldier on his Snapchat account this week, but our interview requests were denied.

“There is nothing to discuss. It is a normal account like any other account. I don’t understand what you want to talk about. You have published your article and it ends there.

Note that after this exchange, the Snapchat account that promoted the soldier’s services has been deleted.

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