Alicia Moffett announces the news we fear

Alicia Moffet took the time to announce to her Instagram subscribers the news we dread. Late in the evening of December 21, she posted a text announcing that she was no longer married to Alex Mintink, Billie Lou’s father whom she had been with for nearly 4 years.

Alicia points out in her text that the past few times have been very difficult and that the situation is complicated given everything they have in common. Obviously, their number one priority will still be their daughter, Billy Lou.

Having always been active since her appearance in La Voix, Alicia continues projects. In the last year in particular, a lot of career announcements have been made. Alicia and Alex worked a lot together as partners, lovers and parents.

Alicia and Alex have been through a lot for almost 4 years now and Alicia is growing up.

And Alexander wanted to make it clear that the official separation was by decision of Alesia, which does not reveal the official reasons for this break. She simply made it clear in her post that they would stay together as loving parents for their little girl.

Much kindness to them.

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