Aurelie Rivard interrupted in the middle of the Swimming Worlds Race

If Tess Rotliffe’s gold and Alec Elliott’s bronze medals brought him great happiness, the sudden abandonment of Aurelie Rivard caused anxiety at the Olympic water complex in Madeira, Portugal.

Two days after winning the 50m freestyle (S10), Rivard left the pool midway through the 400m freestyle final in the same category.

Rescuers rushed to her to cover her with a blanket and an oxygen mask.

The multiple Paralympic medalist was seated and appeared conscious when receiving first aid, but it is not clear at this time why she abruptly ended her career.

The athlete from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu led the race until the middle of the road. Having slowed down, I stopped at the 250-meter mark. I took a short break clinging to the edge of the pool, then turned around to get out of the pool.

In a press release, Canadian swimming coach Mike Thompson said O’Reilly had to withdraw from the event due to medical concerns. We don’t know what the situation is at this point. We are waiting for the update.

Rotliffe, Calendon, Ont. , who trains in Montreal, with a chest stroke of 100 (SB7). His time of 1 minute 31 seconds 91/100 simultaneously allowed him to lower the Canadian record.

I can not Talk! I’m really happythe new world champion fired, to a large laughter, in an interview with the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

The person who took the silver in this event at the 2019 worlds had to lose the Tokyo Olympics due to a spinal injury.

In the 400m freestyle (S10), Alec Elliott climbed to third on the podium after having a good fight with Dutchman Bas Taken, second behind Italian Stefano Raimondi.

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