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Back to basics by Manon Masset

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My whole life has been bringing people together to achieve something greater, so it is sure for me, to sit in front of politicians where, when you ask a question, you have no answer. This bothers me, as you say.

Dean of scar QS The National Assembly relinquished the position of Parliamentary Leader last June to its co-spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois. I’m in a role that turns me off, she said to explain her decision. Since then, she has returned to her roots, to the field, with activists.

At the age of 58, a community career entrepreneur wasn’t going to fire the torch out. By passing a torch, you maintain a spark.

Passing the torch to the next generation gives me hope, and I think that’s what puts me in a good mood, responds when asked about her choice to leave her place to Gabriel Nadeau Dubois. For Manon Massey, it is simply a logical continuation of things.

I knew, 15 years ago, when we founded Quebec Solidere, that we had to create a political mechanism that would allow the generation that exists now to take over, and that’s what I made. Gabriel represents this generation, so I pass the stick to him while I keep running alongside him., she explained.

« I see Gabriel [Nadeau-Dubois] Whoever learns to recognize the sandbox in which he plays, that’s what I like. »

Quote from Manon Masset, Quebec Solidere spokesperson

A makeover that brings a new style to the party at Blue Salon. During the reign of Manon Masse, the Prime Minister spoke of QS Like a party ready to spend lavishly. Today, François Legault qualifies Gabriel Nadeau Dubois as get up.

We have two completely different ways of expressing ourselves, but Mr. Legault always uses nomenclature when he has no more arguments. He used it with me and he used it with Gabriel, analyzes Manon Masset, who thinks so QS He increasingly frightens his opponents.

In this regard, she evokes the ecological roots of Québec Solidaire. When I see all the other parties running behind us and saying the environment matters, I tell myself: All these beautiful people out there called me Bozo, two years ago, says Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques member.

Give an example of the last decision of CAQ To put an end to the exploitation of fuels. there all buzz Currently on the issue of hydrocarbons. We’ve been saying that for 15 years, and we’ve been on the same line, on the same path, for 15 years, she insists.

The future, one state at a time

Manon Massi is likely to be re-elected as her political party’s spokeswoman for another term. Activists are due to vote on Saturday at the party convention, but the way is clear as there are no other candidates.

Another period of the spokesperson, other provincial elections, then? Who do I want to talk to? It is with the youth. It is young people who will experience the truth of the decisions we make today, Emphasizes.

For now, you don’t want any more to drop. One state at a timeHer Excellency says for the role she played in the recent elections that brought a record number of 10 MPs in solidarity with the National Assembly.

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In the meantime, she is concerned about the future of the new generation of activists. They are the ones who give me hope that what I have been fighting for 35 years will come true. It takes courage to bear a vision QS, concluded.

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