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Canada: A meteor woke her up in her bed

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Ruth Hamilton survived a meteor passing through her ceiling to crash just a few centimeters from her head in her room, on the night of Saturday 2 to Sunday 3 October, in Golden City (Canada) in British Columbia.

The Canadian woman woke up in the night to a violent explosion and, after turning on the light in her bedroom, saw a huge “fist-sized” hole in her ceiling, according to CTV News Vancouver.

Calling the police, she then discovered a “black piece of rock, smooth but angled” on her pillow, very close to where she had been sleeping peacefully.

According to the first observations made by Canadian police, the rock that was found in the home of Ruth Hamilton will be a meteorite.

In an interview as part of this investigation, workers working nearby confirmed that at night they saw a “shiny ball in the sky” according to the Canadian newspaper.

Another meteorite found

As the case caused an uproar in the country earlier this month, several researchers to the scene, including geophysicists from the University of Western Ontario and members from the University of Calgary, sent their hands in one second. meteor 500 gr.

Local authorities appealed to any citizen with photos or videos of the evening, around exactly 11:33 p.m., the time of the impact at Ruth Hamilton. “We are trying to reconstruct what the path through the sky was like when it arrived,” physicist Phil McCusland explained in the columns of the Canadian newspaper.

According to CTV News Vancouver, the chance of a meteor hitting a house is 1 in 4 trillion.

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