Austin collides with the “complexity” of the United States Prize

Since accessing the Circuit of the Americas calendar as part of the return of the United States Grand Prix, the issue of Emperors has been ubiquitous. This situation is reinforced by the unstable terrain on which the track is built but also by recent technical developments in F1 with heavier and faster single seats contributing to the aggravation of the situation.

Work is being done regularly to try to mitigate this issue, but MotoGP Americas GP has brought this issue back to the fore recently, and some riders have even gone so far as to want it. The event has been canceled purely and simply, or at least shortening, due to the safety concerns posed by the runway condition.

While the race went completely fine and without major issues, a re-emergence was necessary to accommodate MotoGP in 2022. Formula 1 will also benefit from the first work in this directionFIA Race Director Michael Massey said: “I was on the phone with my FIM colleagues all weekend [du GP des Amériques MotoGP] To understand what the situation really was. Since the 2019 F1 GP, a lot of the circuit has been resurfaced to address some of the issues seen in 2019.”

“The areas that were problematic on the bike are different from the areas that have been refurbished. And Tony Cotman, one of the FIA ​​Platinum Circuits inspectors, actually went to Austin and gave a report. The tour is making some changes for us, to address some of our concerns. They’ll plan some bumps in particular […] They will do what they can on time.”

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However, this should not be enough to completely eliminate these shortcomings. NS Pierre GaslyThe Texas weekend must be tough in that regard. “I think it could be pretty tough this weekend. Having seen MotoGP a few weeks ago, the bumps that were big enough the last time we got there are more visible now.”

“There will have to be compromises on the settings, but we won’t really know until we get there. I’m not particularly worried about that, because our car is doing fine everywhere at the moment and we just need to avoid the problems that lie ahead, so we can keep getting closer. Of whichAlps in the tournament.”

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