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“Charest or Poilievre, I’m afraid to be interrupted”

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I’ll be honest, I’m starting to doubt the utility of the Conservative Party of Canadaclearly refers to a conservative source in Alberta who has worked on federal and provincial politics.

In both Pierre Poilifri and Jean Charest winning scenarios, this Tory veteran fears that the party will be split forever. Particularly fierce attacks by Poilievre’s team, when Jean Charest was not yet officially in the race, made him say the feud between the two camps would be hard to forget once the race was over.

Whether Charest or Poilievre, I fear a split in the party.

This conservative source requested anonymity to discuss freely. If she prefers Charest’s style, she nonetheless issues a warning about the nomination of the former Prime Minister of Quebec.

Is this the right person in 2022 after 10 years away from politics? The world has changed a lot since 2012. »

Quote from conservative source

This veteran conservative still believes Jean Charest will be able to count on some support in Alberta, even if Pierre Boulevard can already count on several elected officials from the West.

I can see [les députés] Greg McLean and Michelle Remple Garner at Camp CharstAdd this source.

Michelle Remple Garner has also been featured in several media recently, denouncing politicians chanting conspiracy theories in their speeches and social media.

Pierre Boulevard can count on the support of many elected officials from the West.

Photo: The Canadian Press/Adrian Wilde

conservative fault line

Alberta is not homogeneous, and Jean Charst could make a breakthrough there, another formerly conservative strategist recalls, especially in urban areas. It is said among us that there are Redmonton counties, the most progressive, and the most multiracial in Calgary, which have changed much since the time of Harper.

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According to this strategist, we are heading toward a battle of the titans, with two leaders with very different tactics, according to another strategist. Pierre Boulevard can ignite the crowds and galvanize the conservative base. As for Jean Charest, when he leaves the meeting, people leave with the impression that they have a personal relationship with him.

At Team Pierre Boulevard, we try to cement his image as a leader in the race. We have a lot of support and a lot of moneySenator Leo Husakos reports. We already have $280,000 in the bank He adds. According to party rules, candidates must raise $300,000 to register.

Our network of contacts on social networks is huge, and Jean Charest’s network does not existSenator Hosakos confirms.

Pierre Poilifri used his support for the truckers’ convoy that blocked Ottawa last month to publish a petition on social media and gather the personal information of thousands of supporters.

Leo Hosakos explains that we sort through this information, and when we’re done, we’ll have the largest database among the candidates.

Pierre Boulevard will be in the Toronto area from Thursday to Sunday for private meetings and gatherings.

The Jean Charest team intends to launch its official Twitter account on Thursday, as well as the rest of its social media presence.

party unification

While the divisions between progressive conservatives and right-wing hardliners are more stark than ever, one name will be unanimous, believes a source who worked in Ottawa during Stephen Harper’s tenure.

Rona Ambrose! This is the one who will get the most support, can win the first round. She has no enemies unlike others. Besides, it is time to lead a woman to the party.

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The former interim leader, who left active politics in 2017, has since started working in the private sector and does not appear to be about to launch a campaign.

Candidates should announce their intention soon to recruit the best organizers and build a teamthis speaker mentions.

Contenders to succeed Erin O’Toole have until April 19 to formally submit their candidacy and June 3 to recruit new members who will be able to elect the next leader. They will be able to spend a maximum of $7 million during this campaign.

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