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Confronting Afghan refugees, Trump goes from hospitality to hostility

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Behind the majority of sympathetic statements toward Afghan allies seeking to flee the Taliban, the voices of the American far-right to warn of an influx of refugees into the United States have now risen, as a powerful megaphone, Donald Trump.

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An image of more than 800 Afghans who were evacuated in an emergency on Sunday in a US military plane, as the Taliban had just captured Kabul, was widely greeted with messages of sympathy from the affected Americans.

The story of the crew who decided to take off rather than forcibly eject these civilians from the overburdened aircraft was, for them, emblematic of the tradition of welcome that many are proud of.

And the former Republican president sent a scathing statement on Wednesday: “This plane should have been full of Americans. America First!”

However, Donald Trump did not give the same speech just two days ago.

“Does anyone imagine that our army left before civilians and others who were good for our country were evacuated and should be allowed to seek asylum”? He wrote, attacking his successor, Joe Biden, by criticizing the disaster of the US withdrawal and the chaotic evacuations.

Between the two statements, far-right commentators and the billionaire’s former loyal advisor were raised to warn of the arrival of thousands of refugees, with public warnings of xenophobia.

“We invaded”

“Raise your hand if you want this plane to land where you are,” famous Trumps Newsmax presenter Steve Curtis quipped, Tuesday, on Twitter, over the famous photo of Afghans in the American plane.

“First We Conquer, Then We Conquer,” was launched the day before the famous presenter of the big Fox News series, Tucker Carlson, one of the biggest viewers of American television.

The United States has planned to leave about 30,000 Americans and Afghans from Kabul, including translators, drivers and contractors who have helped international forces for twenty years and fear reprisals under the insurgent regime.

For Stephen Miller, who has been a close advisor to Donald Trump in the White House, in bringing Afghan allies home, the Biden administration has a clear “political goal” rather than a humanitarian one.

According to him, it would be more “humane” and much cheaper for the United States to install them in their native region, in South Asia. But “refugees have quick access to citizenship, so the initial resettlement will lead to a huge wave of immigration spurt,” he said since Sunday on Twitter and on television.

Understand: Democrats want a less white, more diverse society that votes for them more.

Charlie Kirk, a young radio presenter with extreme positions and fierce support for Donald Trump, summed it up most clearly: “You don’t see what’s wrong with AFP | Come here? And Joe Biden wants Ilhan Omar to come around 200,000 more”, referring to a member Congressional Democrat, a former Somali refugee”, to the United States to permanently change its policy.

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If they seem to sway Donald Trump this week, those voices remain a minority among Republicans, with great figures, even those close to the former president still scrambling on Friday to welcome those who risked their lives to help Americans.

Senator Lindsey Graham wrote: “We are honored to have evacuated the Afghans who fought so bravely on our side.”

However, the White House is undoubtedly watching the chorus of anti-refugee comments, led by Donald Trump, because with a great sounding board, they could end up framing the public debate.

Meanwhile, the cacophony among Republicans is amusing some Democrats, such as Senator Chris Murphy who quipped Friday morning: “All the Republicans who say they have a moral duty to evacuate the Afghans and all the Republicans who say we have a moral duty to keep the refugees out of the country should come together and discuss almost. ”

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