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Dreamgirls: Sing, Heart and Fun

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In 2006 Bill Condon brought a group of girls to life in Detroit in the 1960s, inspired of course by the fate of the Supremes, drawing on the talent and charisma of Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose. Just that!

Dreamgirls, de Belle Condon Photo: Dreamworks

A well-known but effective formula

They say that music soothes morals. If the fate of the scenario dream girls For its heroines, the fact remains that the aphorism works perfectly for those who would be slightly happy to watch this musical, whose dynamics are matched only by depth.

Yes, the formula is worn out. Young amateur singers (dreams!), talented like no other, stand out at a singing competition in Detroit. Destiny opens them up on stage with color and honored“,” text “:” en-sang “}}”> honored , but that of course would give them 1001 problems. A rapid rise, a frank break with the dangers of reality, overcoming difficulties, a state of kindness before the other blows of fate: even sports movies work that way, and so wearing those same comfortable slippers is what movie history has made us dress so much that we can indulge in eavesdropping. On your feet in rhythm.

A man (Eddie Murphy) kneeling on stage singing in front of three girls in red dresses.
Dreamgirls, de Belle Condon Photo: Dreamworks

Music, music and more music….with a little politics

To indulge her happiness is sure to deprive herself of sweets which are moreover more nutritious than you might be led to believe. Among other things, because music is central to her and that means something. Tracing without acknowledging the very real history of the Supremes and Motown, the film advances to the beat of long musical numbers with shimmering colors and irresistible rhythms.

Doo-wop, soul, funk, R’n’B, disco: the screams of young women, arms in the air and hips swaying, with the enthusiasm and spirit of naive young girls who don’t even suspect in the lack of their music, it’s also a political gesture.

Because, yeah, in ’60s and ’70s America that dream girls As a backdrop (and the movie recreates it so well), singing this music also meant to bring into being an African American identity, which Elvis Presley’s successes, for example, have left somewhat in the shadows. dream girls Maybe not a hardcore movie like Black Panther; There is a certain place for the heart and feelings and their many claws. corn

However, here is a film that also knows how to understand history in what is not only more invigorating, but also more contradictory and darker.

A man is kneeling, singing on stage surrounded by three dressed singers.
Dreamgirls, de Belle Condon Photo: Dreamworks

Translators at the top

Of course, these heroines – who ultimately carry much more on their shoulders than their personal destiny – are interpreted by singers at their best (Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose), as we discover Eddie Murphy features a bit of a stickiness, or the presence of Danny Glover and Jamie Fox also on them adds to the feeling of seeing a movie that’s less sweet and lighthearted than it might seem.

Yes, really, why indulge in his happiness?

dream girls, at ICI Télé Saturday 11 December at 1.14am Trailer (Source: YouTube, available in English only)

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