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Gig Bengals Titans, 49ers Hit Packers

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First, rookie Evan Macpherson scored a field goal from 52 yards in the last game of the game and the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Tennessee Titans 19-16 on Saturday.

He’s got ice in his veinsBengals midfielder Joe Burrow of McPherson mentioned. There is nothing else to say. It is as quiet as possible.

A week after ending their 31-year drought without winning a playoff, the Bengals (12-7) curbed the NFL’s longest active streak without a playoff win on the road.

The Cincinnati team claimed their first win on the road after losing their first of seven attempts. She had reached the Super Bowl in 1981 and 1988, but won all of her home games.

The victory also allows Cincinnati to reach the US Conference Finals for the first time in 33 years.

The Bengals had three interceptions from quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and set two of McPherson’s four field goals.

Luke Wilson intercepted a pass from Tannehill at the Bengals 47 with just 20 seconds left. Burrow joined Ja’Marr Chase for 19-yard gains and the Bengals made two sweeps to let McPherson go for the game-winning field goal.

« It is a dream that the kicker puts the result of the match on his shoulders. »

Quote from Evan Macpherson

Burrow overcame nine sacks, as the Titans (12-6) tied the NFL record with four other teams for the most playoff sacks. The Bengals sophomore quarterback had 348 passing yards as Chase finished the game with 109 yards.

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Joe Mixon had landed alone for the Bengals, and rushed 16 yards into the end zone in his team’s first offensive streak in the third quarter.

All year round we found a way to winBorough insisted. This game was crazy. We faced a very good team. They had a good defensive plan and you have to give them credit. We found a way to win.

The Titans capped their 25th season in Tennessee with a third straight home loss after finishing first at the All-American Championship. They have not won at home in the playoffs since January 2003.

Undoing the run Derek Henry is back in action with the Titans after losing nine games with a broken foot. He had 66 yards and a major.

The end of Aaron Rodgers’ era in Green Bay?

Ruby Gold scored a 45-yard field goal as the final seconds ran out to guide the San Francisco 49ers to a 13-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Saturday night.

On the field, which received a few snowflakes during the game, Gold sent the National Convention’s best team on vacation and possibly ended Aaron Rodgers’ era in Green Bay.

The 49 players (12-7) continued their playoff dominance over Rodgers and advanced to the National Finals for the second time in three years. They will face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Los Angeles Rams.

Rodgers’ career record against 49 players in the playoffs fell to 0-4. The San Francisco team beat the Packers 37-20 in the Nationals Final two seasons ago before losing the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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The Hazams (13-5) had secured the Nationals’ First Division for the second consecutive season, but again failed at the Super Bowl by allowing the 49ers to score 10 unanswered points in the last five minutes of play.

The visitors tied with 4:41 left and were able to thank the Packers special teams, one of the worst teams in the NFL this season.

Jordan Willis extended his left hand and blocked a pass from Corey Bogorkees, who attempted the kick while in front of the end zone. Talanoa Huvanga collected the ball at the six-line and hit a lead that tied the game 10-10.

After clearing another Packers, 49 players regained possession in their 29th streak with 3:20 left. Deebo Samuel ran nine yards for third to put his team in a position to score the game-winning field goal.

AJ Dillon had a quick six-yard touchdown to lock in a 69-yard streak for the Packers in his first possession. Led by 7-0, the Green Bay offensive didn’t create much after that.

It was the fifth coldest game in Lambo Stadium history. Snowflakes fell on the field in the second half.

Two more playoff games are scheduled for Sunday in the NFL.

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