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How to protect yourself from sunburn?

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Should we remember that protection from the sun is necessary for everyone (even in the city), on sunny days, and that there are no exceptions? However, for each case there are specific precautions that must be taken. Here are the good reflexes to follow before and during your next exposure to the sun to avoid sunburn.

How can I protect myself if I have sensitive skin?

“Sensitive skin,” that is, skin that reacts poorly to factors that other skin types often tolerate well, must be distinguished from “sun sensitive skin.” This is more of a light phototype (light skin, light hair). To protect it, it is necessary to adopt a preventive product with a high index and expose yourself in moderation.

Prefer formulas with soothing active ingredients (Allantoin, Bisabolol, etc.) whose ingredients strengthen the skin in the face of intolerance. In addition to sunscreen, use protective clothing: clothing with sleeves, a hat with a wide brim … Not to be confused with photosensitive skin due to some diseases that are present at birth or acquired during life. In this case, the sun is blocked.

How do you react if you are allergic to sunscreen?

“Allergies to sunscreen are possible, but it remains in a minority,” reassures Dr. Michele Sayag, an allergist. When it occurs, it can be difficult to detect, (…)


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