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Is Motorcycle Riding A Sport?

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Riding a motorcycle certainly feels like a sport, since you’re outdoors, you have to use your muscles, coordination, and balance your bike all the time. Without a doubt, motorcycle riding is a healthy activity that has several benefits to your body. But is a motorcycle riding a sport and how does it compare to other activities such as running or bicycle riding? We asked the motorcycle riding experts and researched to find out the answer to this question, so let’s do an in-depth analysis.

Benefits Of Riding The Motorcycle

Although riding the motorcycle doesn’t have the same physical benefits as other sports activities and you won’t get stronger or fitter just by riding, there are some benefits worth mentioning as arguments for considering motorcycle riding as a form of exercise. Motorcycle riding will certainly improve your coordination, as you’ll need to balance between shifting gears, braking, and controlling your balance all the time. It will also improve your mental abilities, as you’ll always have to think ahead, anticipate the next situations and solve the potential problems. Riding the bike will burn more calories than sitting on a couch at home, around the same amount as going for a walk. And lastly, when riding in rural areas or close to nature, it can have therapeutic effects as well, unless there is a traffic jam of course.

What Motorcycle Riding Won’t Do

Of course, even with some benefits, motorcycle riding cannot come in place of regular exercise and practicing sport. Riding will not make you stronger, no matter how heavy the bike is. Your cardiovascular fitness won’t improve because of riding, and also, you won’t be able to increase your mobility for the same reason. Still, riding a motorcycle is better than nothing, especially in a world where many people are living sedentary lifestyles.

The Role Of Comfort In Riding

As you already know, there are various types of motorcycles and each type has a specific comfort level. The fact is, some motorcycles burn more calories than others. For instance, off-road bikes burn more calories than sport touring motorcycles, as you’ll need to frequently stand on your pegs and use your body more frequently to balance your bike, rather than just sitting and riding. On the other hand, sport touring motorcycles are a way more comfortable option meant for long-distance journeys, which cannot be said about off-road bikes. That’s why it’s important to consider the role of comfort when choosing a motorcycle, as each type has its pros and cons.

How Many Calories You’ll Burn When Riding?

We burn calories even when we’re sleeping, or sitting. But the more active we are, the more energy we require. Riding a motorcycle is an activity in which the rider needs to be engaged at all times. This is done by maintaining a straight back, keeping the core slightly rigid to keep weight off the wrist, constantly shifting the body for steering/pressing the controls, and remaining alert. This all uses energy, not as much as lifting weights, but you’ll burn calories. To conclude, riding a motorcycle will make you burn the same amount of calories as a brisk walk, which is between 200-300 calories per hour, depending on your weight. That’s not bad, considering that rides can last for a couple of hours so you can multiply those hours by 200-300, and you’ll realize that you can burn the whole meal by simply riding for a certain time.

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Wrap Up

So, is a motorcycle riding a sport? It depends. It can be, but then again, it all depends on many factors including what type of motorcycle you’re riding and how much effort you need to put into riding it. Motorcycle riding has some benefits but it won’t affect your cardiovascular system, mobility, or strength. That’s why we suggest you should balance between riding a motorcycle and practicing sports or exercising for the best effects.

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