Kamuraska between development and calm | Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

Ms. Kormenpov is also famous for being the director of the Kamuraska Regional Museum, and now she wants to help out for the benefit of her citizens.

My work in the museum led me to realize how important the tourist and cultural life of Kamuraska is. I thrive in this environment and have the desire to contribute, on the way, to making it more beautiful, says the mayor-elect.

The participation of Ms. Kormenpov, who arrived in the region in 2005, also prompted her candidacy for the Camorasques membership.

I was the Chairman of the Family Committee, which prompted me to contribute to the first edition of family policy Municipal. I must admit that this policy needs updating, something I intend to do quicklyRecognize the new team.

It will also be necessary to adopt an elderly policy. In Kamuraska, it’s a fact: the population is getting older and we need a cohesive base on which to build in order to make the best long-term decisions.

Quote from:Annick Kormenbov, elected mayor of Kamuraska

Annick Kormenbov, elected mayor of Kamuraska.

Photo: Jay Dion

The Quai Taché

At the same time, the mayor openly admits this: she would like to be the last to be entrusted with the responsibility of reforming Quai Taché.

If the southern portion of the quayside was the subject of much work in 2013, the northeastern portion is still left to itself, in a state considered pathetic by many, including outgoing mayor Jill A. Michaud.

It’s the elephant in the room, in Kamuraska, Mrs. Corminboeuf’s slide. It may not be our biggest challenge, but visually it is the challenge to jump in..

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If the mayor-elect wants to renovate the infrastructure once and for all, she acknowledges that Kamouraskois’ ability to pay has its limits.

We will have to see where the previous administration was in this case. I admit that at 579 residents, if the bill required to renovate the quayside was astronomical, we would have to consider our options.

Quote from:Annick Kormenbov, elected mayor of Kamuraska
The wharf of Kamuraska Taché is fenced off to prevent its use.

The Taché pier in Kamouraska is fenced off to prevent its use, due to its advanced state of dilapidation. (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada/Patrick Bergeron

One thing is for sure, Ms. Kormenpov is considering appealing again to other levels of government for a quick fix.

Federal MP for Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Riviere-du-Loup, Bernard Genneiro, contacted by Radio Canada, replied in a written statement that Very pleased with the great interest by the Mayor of Kamuraska, Mrs. Annick Kormenbov to repair the wharf. As he mentioned he would like to Work with her to fulfill that promise [Bernard Généreux] Made during elections [fédérale].

Combine development and peace of mind

On another subject, the elected mayor says she wants to ensure the development of the municipality. All municipalities have this challenge, we are no strangers to it. The question we have to ask is how do we want to do it.

We want merchants to be able to have a dynamic life all year round, not just during the summer season which is touristy. On the other hand, people also need a break from the madness of summer. So we must work to combine these two facts.

Quote from:Annick Kormenbov, elected mayor of Kamuraska

Additionally, with labor so scarce, we struggle to keep our business open five days a week, during the summer. Is it realistic to think about highlighting our development at this time? I don’t have the answer right awayMs. Kormenpov adds.

On housing development in the context of housing scarcity, the mayor-elect admits that Kamuraska is somewhat restrictive. We have the river in the north and farmland in the south. The only place it could be developed is Murrell Street (Route 132). Again, it’s very limited as a possibility.

environmental concern

The mayor, however, insists that she wants the city council’s next decisions to be made with the environment in mind.

I am seriously considering, for example, creating fast charging stations for electric cars. Every little gesture counts, and if we can help conserve our environment, we definitely will.

Quote from:Annick Kormenbov, elected mayor of Kamuraska

Conflict of interest?

Finally, the mayor-elect ensures that the potential conflicts of interest between her role as president and director of the Kamuraska Regional Museum are: very limited.

The municipality does not pay any money to the museum. The only thing we get from the municipality, we are one OBNLIt’s a tax refund, Mrs. Corminboeuf’s slide.

It is the municipal committee that analyzes the file. This decision is reviewed every 10 years. If we meet all the conditions [au musée], we are qualified.

Quote from:Annick Kormenbov, elected mayor of Kamuraska

For future decisions regarding the Kamuraska Regional Museum to be made by the Municipal Council, Anik Corminboeuf will simply withdraw from discussions and voting during the regular and extraordinary sessions.

Anik Corminboeuf had the support of just over 53.6% of Kamouraskois in the November 7 elections. She defeated her opponent, outgoing Chancellor Vivian Mitevere, by 29 votes.

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