Jason Kinney gets his weekly radio show

The hour-long show will be broadcast every Saturday on radios 770 CHQR in Calgary and 630 CHED in Edmonton. The show will be hosted by Wayne Nelson and the Prime Minister will take calls from listeners.

Corus and the Prime Minister’s Office emphasized that the political cadre would have no control over the editorial side. Corus says its reporters will screen calls and pick topics. Nothing will be eliminated, according to the chain.

The government says it did not pay for the program itself, but has admitted that it purchased advertisements at Corus Radio stations in Edmonton and Calgary to promote the programme.

Jon Voss, Corus’ regional programming director, says the channel first pitched the idea to Jason Kenny in June 2020. This was to ensure that the conditions were metcommented.

The show will run until next year, but will stop during the election period. Jon Vos also says the show will be reassessed if Jason Kenney loses the UCP vote of confidence he faces on April 9.

Ethical issues

The announcement of the offer, barely a month before that crucial vote, raises questions for Mount Royal University political science professor Duane Pratt. What are the motives of Jason Kinney and Kouros?Asked.

Is this a government connection or partisanship? »

Quote from Duane Pratt, Professor of Political Science, Mount Royal University

Are we talking about a regional prime minister reaching out to his countrymen or a party leader trying to defend his record before trusting him?continued.

According to Duane Pratt, all of the prime minister’s actions must be evaluated in light of the April 9 vote, as his political survival is at stake. Budget, gas tax declaration, energy discounts…note that they all come into effect on 1Verse Aprilthe expert lists. I don’t know how anyone could ignore this vote.

New Democrat Shannon Phillips does not believe this program can help the prime minister.

Here we have a Prime Minister who has lost the trust of Albertans. That’s why he needs to go on these little adventures. We don’t need to do it like New Democratic PartyWe talk to Albertans every dayas you say.

The New Democratic Party He did not indicate whether he would accept such a platform if offered to him.

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