Mahrez and the City champions after a crazy end

May 22, 2022 will remain etched in the memories of English football! Led by two clear goals. Fifteen minutes from the end, Manchester City managed to change the situation in six minutes to win their eighth Premier League title. An amazing scenario in front of Liverpool’s victory over Wolverhampton (3-1).

The Premier League gave us an impressive finish. Neck and neck At the start of the 38th day, the Nationals and the Reds fought one last great fight from distance to win the English title. Standing against the FIA, Riyad Mahrez and his teammates were surprised by Steven Gerrard’s Villain who opened the scoring shortly before the break through Ed Mattie Cash (37″). Their team tied at the end of the first half against Wolverhampton after Mane tied (24″ after the opening. From Pedro Nieto points at the start of the match (3″).

Leading the result, Pep Guardiola made several changes after leaving the locker room, most notably Riyad Mahrez in the 58th minute to include Rahim Sterling. Citizens will be surprised. Once again by Aston Villa who doubled down through former Reds broker Philippe Coutinho (69 inches). A former Liverpool icon offers the possibility for his former team to regain control of the tournament. However, Liverpool failed to find the error despite the interventions of Salah and Firmino, and what is worse is that the citizens are the ones who will take their fate in their own hands to return in six minutes!

Entering the match in the 68th minute of play, it would take Ilkay Gunddogan eight minutes to reduce the score in favor of Skyblues. Two minutes later, it was Rodri who provided the equalizer, putting Liverpool on one point after tying on goal difference only in favor of the Mancononians. The German international will present the title goal, in the 81st minute, to imitate the titles he won in 2012, 2014 and 2019 in the last moments of the final day of the tournament. For their part, Liverpool will lead Wolverhampton after the achievements of Mohamed Salah (84) and Andrew Robertson (89) without changing the course of history. Thus, City gets its eighth title, champion of England, and Riyad Mahrez, fourth in his career in the English Premier League. Thus, Algerian Didier Drogba was ranked in the group of the most successful African players in the English championship.


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