Man Dungeon in Jonquière: Expanding the Security Perimeter

Boulevard Harvey is closed between Rue Saint-Hubert and Rue Saint Rémi in the Jonquière district. Police formed a perimeter around the 32-year-old’s home and the residents were evacuated.

Fireworks from Sureté du Québec are also available on site.

Police have been in contact with the man who appears to be angry. He smashed two windows in his apartment and threw a piece of wood out of the window, while the Radio Canada team was at the scene.

However, at the end of the afternoon, the police lost contact with the man. The police tried to send him messages via megaphone.

Then a robot went to his second-floor apartment to get him a cell phone.

man in crisis

“The man allegedly made threats to people last night,” according to Sagueni police spokesman, Bruno Cormier.

The latter, known to the police, threatened to “plant explosives.” The man does not seem to want to cooperate with the police at the moment.

Agents from the Saguenay Group come in to lend a helping hand to the teams on site.

Photo: Radio Canada/Philippe L’Heureux

According to information from Philippe L’Heureux.

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