MARMEN wins hydro-Quebec contract

Manufacturer Marmen of Trois-Rivières has been awarded the largest contract in its history in the hydroelectric sector.

In fact, the company, known above all for wind turbine parts, will be involved in the overhaul of the Carillon power plant on the Ottawa River, a $750 million project led by Hydro-Québec.

The exact value of the contract that falls to Marmen has not been disclosed, with the company being limited to talking about “a few tens of millions of dollars”.

The manufacturer was commissioned to manufacture 13 main parts for each of the six turbine-generator sets that are undergoing a revamp at the plant that began operation in 1964. The work will last six years.

There will be no massive hiring to complete the contract, although many jobs will be filled in the engineering sector.

The Carillon power plant overhaul will be a launching pad for Trois-Rivières, which also wants to get its share of other major repairs to Hydro-Québec facilities emerging over the coming decades.

“Hydro-Québec, over the next 20 years, is going to generate the largest hydroelectric activity in the world. So we certainly have something very important with us. It will reach another level of scale. So we have to invest,” said Marmen President Patrick Bellerin, excitedly.

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