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Martin Pickard will lead TVA programs

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Tony Vaughn
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Martin Pickard was appointed on Wednesday as Senior Director of TVA, TVA + and TVA Group’s nine specialist channels.

His appointment as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Content is part of the reform of the management structure of the entertainment, information and sports sectors of the TVA Group by the President and CEO, France Lauzière.

Since September, Mr. Picard has served as Principal Director for TVA Nouvelles and LCN on a temporary basis.

“Martin Pickard is a great leader and catalyst who relies on the strengths of teams to succeed in his mandates. Since last September, he has already begun spreading his strategic vision to allow TVA Nouvelles and LCN to remain the standard across Quebec.” France Lauzière said in a press release His appointment, as well as adding TVA Sports to his tenure, were very worthy.

Working at TVA since 2002, Martin Picard will also be responsible for the main strategies and directions of TVA, TVA +, and the nine specialist channels (LCN, TVA Sports, addikTV, CASA, Évasion, MOI ET CIE, Prize 2, Zeste and YOOPA) with announced About these new posts Wednesday.

“He enthusiastically accepted this new challenge with the unwavering support of a team of exceptional managers. TVA will continue to entertain and inform all Quebecers with local entertainment content and strong regional information that will allow our viewers to get to know each other through all of our broadcast platforms,” said the lead person involved.

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