Narrow struggles whose outcome depends on postal voting | Canada elections 2021

There are still, Tuesday morning, 15 close fights still underway in ride-hailing operations across the country, the day after the federal election. Only the winners and losers will be determined there once the postal vote has been counted.

Elections Canada sent a record number of 1,267,668 mail-in voting tools to Canadian voters. Of this number, the organization received 1,025,896, which should begin to count during the day.

When we look at the table showing the number of packets sent by ride, we see that in some cases that number is much higher than the number of votes currently separating the leading candidates in those cuts.

The results will be revealed (A new window) Throughout the day as the count progresses.

In an email, Elections Canada reports that the return officer for each electoral district decides when to start counting, based on the volume received. Realistically, the countdown could start between 8:30 AM and 12 PM., identifies the speaker, Pierre Bellon.

On the day following the election, the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) elected or is in the process of electing 158 deputies; The Conservative Party of Canada (PCC) got 119. The New Democratic Party (NDP) got 25 and the Québecoa Bloc party got 34. The Greens got 2.

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