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Ostrogoths in flight, like

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Justin Trudeau called influencers who celebrate on Sunwing wings “ostrogoths.”

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A Thousand Billion Thousand Ports, Our Chief Is Inspired by Captain Haddock’s Catalog of Insults!

The name of the tube, it’s proof that not all copies of Tintin were burned in schools in Ontario.

Tonnerre de Brest, next time Mr. Trudeau will be able to treat it to waffle bars, bachibouzouk, bad licking bears or Carpathian Papuan.

He also treated them aimlessly. We know that after staying in India disguised as the Maharaja, Trudeau teaches about “aimless” travel.

air side

We laugh, but it’s not funny.

I don’t know what’s more sad:

  1. The behavior of these barbarians on board.
  2. The fact that they are seen as influencing young people or …
  3. Poor vocabulary and poor understanding of their words.

Have you seen on Instagram the “illustration” video of Sandrine, Anna Mail and Isabel, three former participants of the love island ?

“Like … Kind … A word in French, a word in English.” Like…like…”Sad.

“By the time we left, the new procedures had not yet been put in place, as all flights (sic) were 100% legal at the time,” Isabelle says.

This is a mistake. The flight left for Cancun on December 30th. However, the Federal Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, declared on December 15: “For those who are planning to travel, I tell you very clearly: this is not the time.”

On the same day, the government reinstated its advice against non-essential travel for all Canadians, regardless of their vaccination status, on the Global Affairs Canada website.

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Moreover, Isabelle confirms in this video: “François Legault has not yet held his press conference. Uh, transportation is not a regional competence but a federal one and this girl … an airplane pilot should know that!!!!!

As these three young women say: “You can only learn from the situation and step forward. that happens ».

On Thursday, on my program on Radio QUB, I gave an interview to Claude Mercier, which is earlier thandouble occupation, she herself is an influencer, followed by 300,000 subscribers on Instagram. Stunt girl with a head on her shoulders.

“How can people who are subordinate to such a large community act in such a disrespectful manner?” People love drama and entertainment, but there you can see the real faces of some,” she told me.

“How did they think of putting this on social networks? They will have to live with the consequences of their actions.”

  • Listen to Sophie Duroucher’s interview with Claude Mercier on QUB Radio:

linfluence spiderman

According to Claudi, influencers should question their moral responsibilities, especially because of their appearance.

Remember the phrase Spider-Man’s uncle said: “Great power comes great responsibility”?

It is undeniable that these influencers and reality TV stars reach thousands of people through their YouTube selfies.

But the question we must collectively ask ourselves is: Why do we give them so much power?

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