Pressure tactics: Traffic controllers target school buses

Inspections were carried out in different parts of the county while students were walking to school.

School buses target mechanical checks. We check all buses intermittently, make sure emergency exits are compatible, and make sure there are enough seats. We also check the color of the fendersexplains Console Negotiator, Natalie Reinville.

The union warns that school transport may face delays due to increased traffic checks expected this week.

There are no monuments in Quebec

At the moment, the means of pressure do not appear to have had any effects in the Quebec region. The service center scolaire de la Capitale claims to be aware of the situation and confirms that no delays have been registered.

The scolaire des Découvreurs service center makes the same observation.

When preparing for such an operation, we are asked to determine the schedules of bus routes. This avoids impacts on students’ arrival at school or on their return homerefers to a spokesman for Charles Antoine Gagnon.

Truck control device. (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada

Wages in question

Highway monitors say negotiations with the Quebec government are faltering. Wages are the core of the dispute.

The Traffic Controllers job has not been re-evaluated since 2001. Tasks have increased and responsibilities and delegations have changed. What we are asking of the Treasury Board is salary offers commensurate with those of corrections officersidentifies Natalie Renville.

The employer may be presented with a cash offer next week.

With information from Marie Maud Pontbriant

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