Qatar University students demonstrate for climate justice

Members of the Rimouski Campus Students’ General Association (AGECAR) voted for an all-day strike on Friday in order to assert their demands.

Students believe that the health crisis has delayed the measures taken by governments. They believe that individual actions are not enough and that the student movement has a political role to play.

Protester Ludovic Landry Ducharme was also present for the occasion. I think it’s good to have so many people involved to make a movement that has a certain vision and helps get the message across. Besides our individual actions, I found it important to come here […].

AGECAR Vice President for Sustainable Development, Frédérike Clermont, has been demonstrating every Friday since February 22. We are not there once or twice a year just to want there to be changes. It’s really every week that we think about and want something to happen.

Whether we’re 30 or 50,000, I think we have to keep putting pressure on the government to remind them that it’s a priority for us young people.Adds AGECAR General Coordinator Andra Florea.

Protesters roam with placards calling for the government to take action to tackle the climate crisis.

Students walked downtown on a Friday afternoon.

Photo: Radio Canada / Jean-Luc Blanchett

Students’ union members consider that Capitalism and colonialism led to the current climate crisisCan we read in the strike mandate that they voted.

Furthermore, Frédéric Clermont argues that the last natural resources are in indigenous lands and that people of precarious and marginalized socio-economic status are more affected by the climate crisis.

They are the ones who are always on the front lines in defense of natural resources and we just arrested themindicates.

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Every Friday in front of Rimouski City Hall

Protesters set up a circle in the street in front of the Rimouski Town Hall. Even if it is the Student AssociationUniversity of Quebec in Rimouski For national issues, this is a way, according to AGECAR General Coordinator Andra Florea, to remind elected officials in Rimouski to take the climate crisis into account in their actions.

[…] Not installing a multi-level car park would create more vehicular traffic and move more toward common lanes, more bike lanes, and public transportation. We want them to change the current modelas you say as an example.

Young woman wearing tuk and glasses.

Andra Floria is the general coordinator of the General Student Association of the Rimouski Campus at UQAR.

Photo: Radio Canada/Chanel Guerin

In order to encourage participation in the demonstration, students also organized a sit-in in front ofUniversity of Quebec in Rimouski It’s 6:30 a.m. on Friday. The educational institution’s management negotiated the suspension of studies in exchange for an end to the blockages. Therefore, attendance classes have been canceled for the day.

me’University of Quebec in Rimouski The study was also suspended last Friday. This time, the students denounced the indebtedness and the cost of university tuition fees.

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