Queenie featured in Harlem by Michael

Since 2017, when he started the New York session, Michael has wanted to tell the story of the communities that settled in the United States between the two great wars.

giant Talk about the fate of Irish immigrants while building Rockefeller Center. Black boots She appeared shoe polish of German origin.

this time, Harlem He plunges into the world of the province of the same name, at the beginning of the thirties. Stephanie St. Clair, better known as Queenie, was at the helm of the Secret Harlem Lottery. His situation creates jealousy within the criminal world at the time.

Storyboard author Michael is currently working on the second volume of Harlem.

Photo: Rita Scalia

at Harlem, Michael wanted to exploit the subject of domination. Queenie’s character allowed her to approach the topic from several fronts. Equally in relations between men and women as between rich and poor.

in the real world

This time, unlike the first two duets, the protagonist of the comic strip is an already existing historical figure.

However, there are quite a few testimonies about this great lady of the underworld. I had to cross several sources, go there and read different university articlessays the author who moved to the Big Apple to immerse himself in the era.

For inspiration, he also visited libraries and museums in the New York area.

He was a truly forgotten figure in history. I also wanted to do my part to bring him back a little bit to the top in the comics world. »

Quote from Mikael, comic book author

black and white time

Since the beginning of this course, the designer has worked mainly on black and white and sepia images. The aesthetics of his drawings maintain the spirit of the times. My treatment hasn’t changed since then giant And the Black bootsso with a very present anchor, very smoky and muted colors to keep that ’30s spirit in, that somewhat old-fashioned spirit of these sepia photos.

the moment that Harlem Outside of libraries in Quebec, the second and final volume is already advanced. You have already completed more than a third of the pages. This should be released in 2023.

Michael will meet his readers at the album’s launch on Saturday, April 2nd at Morency Library, from 2pm.

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