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“Science Words” Podcast: T for Trump

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Genetics, Anthropocene, crossover, decay …

Of course, this language rings the bell! But sometimes we use these words without knowing what they mean. In the science book, we go back to the history of these keywords and their meanings with researchers able to enlighten us.

Today’s episode dedicated to In short. It is already time more than ever to seize this idea, after four years of rage we have never finished analyzing, while Joe Biden takes charge of 45e The President of the United States, Donald Trump. When talking about “Trumpism,” we assume that there is a separate political topic. One wonders about its history and the place it occupied within the American right and beyond, and one wonders what will happen to him once the man leaves the White House.

Welcome to Maya Kandel, Associate Historian of the University of Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle. author The United States and the World. From George Washington to Donald Trump (Perrin, 2018), I have written many articles to answer the following question: What is the name of Trumpism?

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Words of Science is hosted by Iris Deroeux, journalist at The Conversation, and in particular in charge of the US fact-checking section devoted to US policy.

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