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Here are the 10 science-based songs that make you happy

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Science once again solved a great mystery. Music can bring a lot of happiness. As we already know, it has an effect on our morale. One song can make us happy, like another more nostalgic song. But know that there are headlines that can make you happy. On average, the French listen to fifteen hours of songs every week. But who are the ones who give the joy of life?

British electronics group Alba has launched a survey of British and Irish citizens asking them what songs make them happy, according to US online magazine Mental Floss. The list has been sent to Dutch neuroscientist Jacob Goleig to understand the cause of this effect. According to him, there will be a recipe: positive or meaningless words (now we better understand some of the musical successes in France), the frequency of 150 bpm and the main notes.

The world even put together an arrangement of 10 good melodies. Here is this list, from the tenth to the first. To start, Walk in the sunshine Katrina and Waves, precedes her I will Survive Written by Gloria Gaynor Linvin ‘in prayer Bon Jovi, Girls just want to have fun Cindy Looper I am a believer De monkeys Tiger Eye From Survivor, A girl from the city By Billy Joel. In third place, the title Good vibrations From the Beach Boys, it precedes him The Dancing Queen Aba and in first place: do not stop me now the Queen.

You now know the 10 headlines that make you happy. To your playlists! And feel free to give a voice because according to Nicolas Luciani, voice coach and composer, listening to music is not enough. You have to sing at the same time: “We will be able to express emotions that do not contain enough words to describe them. Singing, singing, shouting and expressing yourself in private,” Advise.

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