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Sympathy with Dominique Ducharme

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Andre Turini was no exception. Like many National Hockey League players and coaches, Torini has tested positive for the coronavirus. The Coyotes coach found himself isolated at his home in Scottsdale while his team prepared for a game against an avalanche in Denver.

In theory, Torini will be discharged from the COVID protocol on Sunday, provided he gets a negative test.

“I’ll be back in time for the first place game, when you look at the standings upside down,” the former Ottawa 67 coach said with a smile in his voice.

On Monday afternoon, on this holiday in memory of Martin Luther King, the Coyotes will play the Montreal Canadiens at Gila River Arena. It will be a duel between the two worst teams in the NHL.

different case

In Glendale, Arizona, Torini could lead the wolves in relative peace. He doesn’t have to be bombarded with questions by reporters to explain his team’s setbacks. He is fully aware that he is living in a different reality from that of Dominique Ducharme.

“I couldn’t imagine such a season, but as a coach for the Canadian, he answered. It must have been very difficult for Dominique Ducharme and I sympathize with him. I know he must find this very painful. But we cannot compare the two cases.”

“In Arizona, we showed our game, we wanted to rebuild. So it’s not a surprise. In Montreal, the Canadian reached the Stanley Cup final and there were expectations again this year. You can understand the position in the CH standings when you look at the number of injuries. But the supporters didn’t expect like This transformation. In Montreal, there are also fans with great passion. This is not an obvious scenario for the coach.”

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good attitude

Managing expectations allows Torini and his deputies, Mario Duhamel (a longtime partner) and Phil Husley, to take a step back. There is no pressure to win instantly with Coyote. We can see progress in this challenging season.

“We are proud of the direction we are going and the attitude of the players,” Torrini said. I love the progress of our youth and the influence of our seniors. It doesn’t mean anything, but Bale, our general manager, often says that when he watches the players in practice, he feels like he’s watching a champion team. Men smile, work and want to learn. ยป

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