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“The arrival on the national territory of Moroccan citizens or foreigners who have been fully vaccinated and provided with a negative PCR test is less epidemiologically dangerous than the behavior of people who have not been vaccinated or who have not been fully vaccinated, and who do not adhere to preventive measures. , they meet in cafes and Dr. Tayeb announced Hamdi in a column published on social media on Saturday “going to public or private gatherings.”

For the expert, “Given the rapid spread of the virus under these conditions, access to the national territory under the applicable sanitary conditions does not represent an increased epidemiological risk.” Therefore, it calls for opening the borders “in accordance with our successful, proactive and proactive Moroccan approach based on making scientific decisions to protect Morocco with the least possible social, psychological, educational and economic impact and consequences.”

Ultimately, Dr. Hamdi predicts that “when we pass the peak of hospital cases in the Casablanca region, we will be able to see the end of the tunnel.” Even if other regions will experience an almost similar situation in the coming days and weeks, “we can count on the capacity of the Casablanca hospital as a backup option in case of need,” he concludes.

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