The pedestrian zone returns this summer in Rouen-Noranda

From June 16 to August 14, the pedestrian zone will return for the third year, but without health restrictions.

The aim of the approach started in collaboration with the municipality is to strengthen the city center while encouraging local buying with lots of animation.

In fact, two outdoor sales will be held when the area opens on June 16 and a second on July 21.

Gabrielle Ann Leduc, president of Rowan Noranda Business Development, expects an increase in traffic this year.

Over the course of the eight or nine weeks, the goal is really for people to come for walks. There will be 5-7 every Friday in our Horne Foundry space on the Mikes side, which is organized with Osisko en lumière this year. There will also be some events with restaurant owners […] In terms of facilities and structures, they remain the same, but with the removal of sanitary measures, in my opinion, it will lead to better traffic.says the director.

According to Gabrielle-Anne Leduc, the pedestrian zone is useful for merchants and also highly anticipated by the citizens. People have already written to us, that they are eager and willing to come and walk and see the merchants. This year we expect the weather to be even bigger precisely because [retrait] health measuresas you say.

It also insists on compliance with the applicable rules and relies on the assistance of the Secretariat of Quebec for this.

This year, there will be a lot of information that will be placed on every street corner to respect the you say.

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And to add to that last year, the organization I’ve had some issues with street alcohol and this year SQ will be there to secure everything and us with our messages, to keep it pedestrian and make it safe, that we have no problem managing street alcohol. We shouldn’t have floods like last yearEmphasizes.

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