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These crows are as smart as apes

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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The “House of Knowledge” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also, in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the world’s treasures. In this seventh episode, let’s look at a very common and no less intelligent animal: the crow.

In June 2019, a Japanese account tweeted a video of a Funny crow. Placed at the top of a Ladder, He adopted a unique position that gave him air… From gorilla! The situation is not surprising after all, according to experts. Because, in cold weather, the crow is allowed to expose its maximum wings to Soleil .

Clever, crow? You don’t think you put it well! Because, even if his bad reputation sticks to his feather, the raven is full of traits. He is loyal, brave, sociable and … smart! Clever, specifically, like Great apes – Or a few humans. And this is despite a brain Much smaller.

So the raven is able to plan future events even when we thought this ability was reserved for us – us humans, but also our great ape cousins. Give the raven a stone that will be deposited later (between a few minutes and several hours) in a chest, or a coin exchanged with a human for a reward. He’ll understand the goal of the operation at least plus a big tag. This is what Researchers from Lund University It was actually shown in 2017.

When the crow wins the bonitio

Today, Researchers from Osnabrück University (Germany) has chosen to more systematically subject crows to a full range of tests. To build a more global view of their cognitive abilities.

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So yes, crows have a bit of trouble when testing spatiale perception. This is surprising because the animal spends its life developing in three-dimensional space. But, the crow who plays – and wins – a Bonitio game. Thus we understand that something out of sight continues to exist … or that it is capable of making elementary calculations … or that which copies human gestures to reach a reward … It is not a thing!

Especially as funnybirdMaster these tasks from the age of four months. Of which Adolescence , Briefly. The period in which it doubles interactions with its environmental and social environment. From there let’s assume this IntelligenceEvolving in response to an ever-changing world where survival depends on cooperation between individuals, it’s just a step researchers don’t hesitate to take. Not very stupid, crow!

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