Vincent Peruby dreams of La Bouchatiere town hall

Owner borough grill & barrier, Vincent Biroby is also a Municipal Councilor and volunteer firefighter with the Inter-Municipal Fire Safety Service (SISI) in La Bocatier.

If he initially specifies that his final decision has not been made, he adds at the same time that his intention to become mayor of La Buccatiere does not go back to yesterday.

When I introduced myself as a councilman, I said the point was to learn about municipal politics. It was always my intention, Confirms.

However, he remembers, the pandemic has made running his company, a sports restaurant, very complicated. Do not know whether the timing it is good. I think about him. Surely if I had a full and stable team in boroughThis would encourage me to move forward, he admitted.

La Bocatier Mayor, Sylvain Haddon, will not seek a new mandate next November (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada/Luke Paradis

However, to believe the main person involved, many citizens actually see Vincent Piropi at Pocatoise Town Hall.

Yes, people have talked to me about it quite a bit. Some, probably, to pull my glutes out, have already called me the mayor!

Quote from:Vincent Berob

But Vincent Biroby insists this decision will not be taken seriously. If I notice, as my reasoning goes, that I will never be able to be there entirely for the sake of the citizens, I’d rather not be a candidate.

One thing is for sure, Vincent Biroby has no intention of leaving his role as a volunteer firefighter, even if he becomes mayor. No way. It is a passion and a calling for meدعوConcludes.

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no thanks

If some citizens of La Pocatière have already seen his name on the ballot papers, a spokesperson for the Citizens Committee My care stays hereJan Martin prefers not to think about it. no thanks!He summed it up during a short discussion with Radio Canada.

Jean Martin, the chair of my sponsorship committee, is still here.

Jan Martin, spokesperson for the “Our Care Stays Here” committee.

Photo: Radio Canada/Simon Turcot

As for Gerald Beaulieu, the Christian Democratic Party candidate in the 2007 and 2010 district elections in the previous district elections of Kamuraska-Tmisquata, he admitted that he had been contacted, both for the La Bucatére town hall and for the DRC province of Camoresca. I won’t tell you that my thinking is over, but… the chances are slim. I am in full development of my business. So I guess it’s not my turn, explained the main interested party.

Pocatois will have to choose a new mayor, next November, as Sylvain Haddon has already announced that he will not seek 4e Authorization.

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