Wait 10 weeks to receive PCRE

Francois Boileau argues that taxpayers need to be able to have a more accurate schedule in order to be able to plan how they will bear costs such as rent.

Depending on the complaints submitted to his office, it can take up to 10 weeks for the agency to complete the checks and make the down payment, he said.

The process differs from what was used a year ago for an introduction to CRP, Canadian Emergency Relief (CEP). Payments were made quickly, with the government choosing to conduct a post-fact review to recover any undue funds.

With PCRE, the government has advanced ahead of these checks, including requiring payment receipts or employment records if the agency cannot easily confirm that the applicant meets the required payment threshold.

Once these documents are received, the stopwatch begins.

In March, complaints denounced the delay of four to six weeks. It increased recently to eight to ten weeks.

The agency offered several different timelines on its website, but they have now been updated at the suggestion of Francois Boileau.

“The Canada Revenue Agency recognizes that longer processing times for these stimulus benefit applications can place a financial burden on Canadians who rely on these income replacement benefits,” she said. In some cases, processing times may be extended due to unforeseen reasons. “

The agency says the process should be faster for those who filed for tax return for 2020, making it easier to check if their income meets the requirements.

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