2020 Documentary: Our Quarantine Cinema Sold Out To TV5 Monde

Catherine Beauchamp’s documentary, which deals with the impact of the pandemic on Quebec cinema, has been sold internationally to TV5 Monde. Starting in July, it will be launched in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and East and Asia Pacific markets.

The year 2020 promised to be exceptional for many filmmakers in Quebec and the impact of their films abroad. Next, host, columnist and director Catherine Beauchamp had a project to pursue local filmmakers who bring their art to life beyond our borders.

Her adventure began at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, where Philippe Vallardo and Anis Barbeau-Lavallette presented their films respectively. Centi Salinger (year of my salinger) And the The goddess of fire is flying. But upon their return to Quebec on February 27, Catherine Beauchamp and her team faced a major hurdle: That same evening, the province’s first case of COVID-19 was announced.

Instead of throwing all her thoughts in the trash, Catherine Beauchamp decided to change the angle of her documentary to begin a broader reflection on seventh art in Quebec, while following the lives of several filmmakers during the pandemic.

Her reflections with filmmakers Philip Vallardo, Anse Barbeau-Lavallette, Jan England (Toxic), Myriam Viriault (A questionnaire), Pascal Plant (Nadia, the butterfly), Guillaume de Fontaine (Sympathy for Satan), Patrice Laliberte (up downhill) and film journalist Marc-André Lussier.

The documentary, which aired in December on ICI ARTV and in January on ICI Télé, will now experience a second life thanks to TV5. 2020 Our cinema is in quarantine الحجر It is also still available on ICI Tou.tv.

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