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Actor Jean-Pierre Bakri dies at the age of 69

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He multiple times won the César and Moliere Awards, rewarding the best of French theater, and was particularly known for the roles of angry and immoral men with a big heart that he interpreted.

Jean-Pierre Bakri shine remarkably No Paul is not pines (1990), Place Vendôme, By Nicole Garcia (1998), or Feeling of celebration (2017), in particular with Susan Clement. In 2002, he also gave a narration of a part of the comedy Asterix and Obelix: Cleopatra’s Mission.

His last role was the one he occupied in the movie Family photoIt was released in France in 2018.

Jean-Pierre Bakri was born in Algeria in May 1951, and he made his film debut in 1981 in Great Forgiveness By Alexander Arkady.

Jean-Pierre Bakri and Anias Jaoui: A prolific duo

From 1987 to 2012, he was involved in the life of actress, scriptwriter and director Agnes Jawi. In 1993, the play Kitchen and outbuildingsWritten by the couple, it was a huge success when it was adapted for cinema. The following year, Tandem also wrote for the theater Family resemblance, Which was shown on screen with great success.

Jean-Pierre Bakri also wrote for cinema with Always Agnes Jaoui, We know the song And the Smoking / no smoking, By Alain Renee.

Together, the couple also signed film scripts. The taste of othersAnd the like the photoAnd the Tell me about the rainAnd the At the end of the storyAll produced by Agnes Jawy, recently, in 2018, Public place.

His talent as a screenwriter for Jean-Pierre Bakry earned him several awards from his colleagues in French cinema, and even stopped in Cannes in 2004 for a screenplay. like the photoWith his partner, Agnes Jawi. In 2001, he was also awarded the René-Clair Prize for his work, in recognition of the French Academy in the Film Sector.

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Jean-Pierre wanted us not to talk about anything except that he wanted us to say, when the time is right, that he died of cancer and that’s it., His agent, Anne Alvares Correa, wrote in an email to The Canadian Press.

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