A new French language school will open in Bernabé

About the general manager of British Columbia Francophone School BoardMichel Saint-Amant The purchase of land is great news for French-speaking families in the area, as a school in Burnaby will reduce travel time for some families.

There is a great deal of work to be done from now on or will continue in a more serious manner [depuis] That we have confirmations to be announcedhe is referring to.

Map showing the location of the future French language school at Burnaby, Anne Hebert and Des Pioneers.

Photo: Radio Canada

The land, purchased for $24.5 million and funded by the British Columbia government, is the land of the former Duthie-Union Elementary School in the Burnaby School District.

The building is currently occupied by a daycare center that will move to new facilities by the end of the year.

It was important to us as a council that the land remains in the hands of the school district that provides public education in the French language.Burnaby School District President Jane Mizzi said in a statement.

time consuming process

Not tomorrow morning that everything will change, warns Michel Saint-Amant. At the moment, a file is available British Columbia Francophone School Board Consult with engineers to determine what existing structures can be retained or whether a new building is needed.

On sera satisfait quand l’école sera bâtie et que les élèves seront rendus dans l’école et que ce sera une belle installation, mais déjà ça s’inscrit sur l’ensemble des autres projets de train qui vo sont MinistryHe said.

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It will also be necessary to determine which families will one day be able to send their children to Burnaby School, but for the time being, it is impossible to know exactly when this new school will open its doors, acknowledges the Director General.

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