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A rare yellow penguin was photographed

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Cole Hanson
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In the middle of the animal-watching session, a photographer was surprised by the encounter of a yellow and white king penguin, a rare phenomenon in nature.

Yves Adams, a man from Belgium, was leading an expedition in December 2019 to South Georgia Island, in the South Atlantic Ocean, when he made this strange discovery. “Never seen before,” according to the British daily The Independent.

Mr. Adams, on his Instagram account, described the animal as suffering from leucism, a genetic mutation not to be confused with albinism, which causes the bird’s melamine to not be deposited in its feathers, thus changing its plumage from black to yellow and cream. white.

“I had never seen a yellow penguin before and had never heard of it before. There were 120,000 birds on this beach, and it was the only one that was completely yellow,” he said during an interview last week.

Mr. Adams said he and his team were very fortunate to be able to observe the bird that stopped near them. With so many penguins in the same area, he said, sometimes it’s difficult to get a clear view to take good photos.

“One of the birds looked a little weird, and when we took a closer look we realized it was yellow. We went crazy when we noticed it. We left out all our safety gear and took our cameras,” he recalls.

If this photo was taken more than a year ago, the public could only see it recently, as the photographer had to sort thousands of photos.

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