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Playing, not losing, means zero risk (no such thing)

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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I am naturally kind Coaches Who would rather win the game 6 to 5 than 1 to 0. Basically, I’m the opposite of Claude Julian.

I like to see my players make mistakes (while keeping their energy, intensity, and participation high) and good shots. I love to see them try things and take risks. Life is risk management and sport is a reflection of life.

I also struggle with a bit of difficulty in our new epidemic-seeking and risk-seeking society, but unlike sport, the community’s goal is not to be crowned champion. But the ultimate goal in hockey is to be the last man standing! # Not similar

However, when I heard Nick Suzuki say his club was currently playing in order not to lose or win, it felt so tickle. So much.

He even added moments later that it wasn’t a good idea to play so that we wouldn’t lose Instead of winning.

Finally, I look more like Suzuki than Julian. I agree with this comparison, haha.

The problem is that in my eyes Fitness Trainer They don’t seem to have the right solutions for this clearly defined problem (players who play to not lose). He wants to see his players take fewer risks and simplify their game overall. Who would risk something that has nothing, right? So who is taking risks little by little, right?

Julian’s description as a solution to the problem of players playing this way
Don’t you just lose the recipe for the team that plays so as not to lose? Is this a real solution to solve this problem?

If a Canadian wants to get out of the swamp that has both feet, he will have to start taking risks, rushing into the net, trying things out, and of course doing it aggressively. Not returning to a base game that is more stable and takes less risk. Champion teams bear risks, This is. They want to win.

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I have the impression that some players are starting to get weary of the strategy Zero errors And zero risk.

Nick Suzuki says players are starting to get frustrated with their locker room game …

The tension is evident in Fan base Montreller.

Rather than always wanting to make fewer mistakes because some are costly, why not try making costly mistakes for the opponent. The best defense, right?

By virtue of doing something hope Just don’t be wrongRarely, exceptional results are obtained. At best, we’re barely above average. CH should aim for a first-class honors degree, not fourth out of seven in the Northern Division.

A successful athlete loves to take risks. he is Wants The risk. The Fitness Trainer He should frame him in this risk, not muzzle him.

Do you think that? Kyle Chipchura Tom Brady won all his championships with a mindset Risk of success or Don’t risk too much to avoid losing?

Do you think players who shoot from the three point line love to take a risk or not, in Basket?

Do you think cyclists who dare to launch the enemy Tour de France Final, don’t you lose or win?

Yes no Fitness Trainer Do not understand that Wow That rejects the modification, it would be necessary to think about replacing it. He really put the head of Alexander Romanov in that after a bad match, you had a chance to get off the roster and he hadn’t been the same player since …

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No, Romanov isn’t taking too many risks since quitting training … he’s less good, it’s a fact.

Let’s see what kind of training Claude Julian has prepared for us this afternoon because between you and me, he watched CH come out flat after a week turning off, this is unacceptable. The Fitness Trainer You will have to make adjustments (maybe larger than small ones).

Because if Julian was a good person Fitness Trainer To reduce the risk of his buddies making mistakes, but not to increase their chances of success, he might not be the only person anymore. Fitness Trainer Which CAD 2021 by Mark Bergevin Requires?

a lot of

Dell Wise has had bad memories of seeing Canadians over the past two weeks.

Will CH succeed in reversing the trend this week?

Is Kotkaniemi Lars Eller or a main attacking player?

– Since it’s about Kotkaniemi, know that people see Suzuki as much better than him.

-Yes, it’s time to bring Petry and Weber back together at Power play. It worked well!

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