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Microsoft introduced all the novelties in Windows 11, and the new generation is the operating model. For some, this is just a recent version of Windows 10, and for others, the changes are significant. This is the topic of our poll this week.

Source: Windows

Source: Windows

Is enough, Windows 11 It was officially revealed to the world on Thursday, June 24. It should be available next fall. It’s been 6 years since then Microsoft It has not released a major update for its operating system. There was even talk at one point about stopping creating a new version, and that Windows 10 would become a service.

Here’s what some critics say about this new version. Some think it’s still Windows 10, even if there’s a little Windows 10.5 out there. It is also true that some novelties are already focusing on the cosmetic aspects of orthopedics, such as New design for its file explorer, or New taskbar.

beta soon

But not only. The The Microsoft Store has been completely reworked, Such as Its new trade policy is very helpful for developersWhich aims to attract as many as possible.

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To be sure, it is probably best to install the trial version of Windows 11 By joining the Windows Insider Program (Maybe avoid doing this on your main device as a precaution.) For those who do not want to risk or who prefer to wait, It will be possible to get the new version of the operating system this fall. !

Small and interesting surprises

It was one of the big surprises of the evening Android apps access on Windows 11. Another tempting novelty for video game lovers: Game Pass and xCloud will be natively integrated into the Xbox app.

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So Windows 11 keeps a lot of things that might be of interest to users who are developing on other operating systems.

So in this context we ask for your opinion on the new version of Windows.


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