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Microsoft improves Apple AirPods compatibility and tests new ALT+TAB

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Microsoft released version 22526 for Windows 11 in the Dev channel. This release introduces a new interface to the Alt + Tab menu and improvements for compatibility with Apple products.

Windows 11: Microsoft improves Apple AirPods compatibility and tests new ALT+TAB

after Windows 11 launch At the end of 2021, Microsoft is slowly, but surely, continuing to improve its system by preparing many new features. It is first submitted for testing For Insider members, allowing us to discover it in the preview.

The new build 22526 brings some interesting new features.


With this version, Microsoft is testing a new display for the multitasking menu called the alt + tab shortcut. Today in Windows 11, the menu hides the entire screen to display the different windows. With this version, only part of the screen is hidden to show the choice between different applications.

Windows 11: Microsoft improves Apple AirPods compatibility and tests new ALT+TAB

That’s not all, the release improves the compatibility of Windows 11 with Apple products. Especially the brand’s audio devices. Microsoft says it has added broadband support for speech, which should improve audio quality during video calls with Apple products: AirPods, Airpods Pro where AirPods Max.

The last item to mention, improved file explorer indexing which makes it possible to speed up searches.

It’s hard to know when these new features of the update will be available to all users. Microsoft no longer communicates about the release of new features introduced in the Dev. Remember that with Windows 11, Microsoft will only offer one major update per year, compared to two at the time of Windows 10.

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